Different Types of Acne and Their medication

All types of acne

Parents need to be informed about the different kinds of acne and how they can be treated. Some types of acne need to be treated with prescription acne medicine while other types can be treated with over-the-counter (OTC) medications.

New acne medicines have been developed in recent years, so parents need to research the latest developments and methods of treating acne. Remember – just because you had acne when you are a teenager does not make you an expert about acne treatments or acne medicine.

When you first notice a change in your teenager’s skin you should take him or her to see a dermatologist. Acne is the most likely reason for spotty skin, but there are other, more serious conditions that resemble acne. A dermatologist can provide a definite diagnosis and offer advice about acne treatments and acne medicine.

The teenage years can be trying for both parents and children. Teenagers are experiencing hormonal changes which can cause mood swings and irritability. Parents need to be particularly patient and supportive, and this especially applies to acne.

How to treat stress acne

Teenagers are often embarrassed and sensitive about their stress acne condition. It can be a touchy subject so parents need to take an understanding approach when talking to their teenagers. Be supportive and offer practical advice about acne treatments and acne medicine, and above all, never take an accusing tone.

After all, your teenager is probably doing everything he or she can to keep the acne under control. If you want to give advice, do so in an encouraging tone. It may help to talk about your own experiences with acne when you were a teenager.

Never underestimate the seriousness of stress acne. It can be one of the major concerns of the teenage years. Even though most teenagers are affected by acne, everyone thinks that their condition is the “worst,” and this can lead to decreased self-esteem. Severe cases of acne can cause depression and withdrawal. All you need to treat stress acne is to relax and do exercise because once you are relaxed the symptoms will fade away.

Types of acne medication

Show your teenager and that you care and are available for advice and comfort. Sharing your own experiences with acne may help your teenager understand that acne will eventually clear up on its own.

Encourage your teenager to try a variety of acne medication to see which works the best. If OTC acne medicine is not proving effective, pay a visit to a dermatologist. Prescription acne medicine includes oral medications as well as ointments and lotions. These treatments are very effective in clearing up pimples and providing relief from the physical discomfort of acne.

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