Myths About Acne Scars which are very common

The Top 10 Myths about Adult Acne


1) Adult Acne scars is caused by poor hygiene.
Now the question is what causes acne scars? Scars from Acne is not caused by a lack of hygiene. In reality, many people with acne tend to cleanse and scrub too much which exacerbates the skin even more. Pimples are caused by bacteria, dead skin cells and an excess of oil that gets trapped within the hair follicle. Washing your face twice a day with a good cleanser is sufficient in keeping your skin clean.

2) Scars from Acne is caused by eating chocolate and greasy foods.
Yes, you can still eat chocolate! While there is no direct link between chocolate, greasy foods, or pizza to cause acne, there may be some foods that can aggravate it. You may be allergic to a particular food item (i.e.: dairy, gluten, wheat, etc) which is causing the flare –up. If you notice a sudden flare-up, take note of your recent diet and what may have caused it. Stay off the food item for a week or two until your skin clears. When you introduce the food back into your diet and there is a flare-up, you could have a food allergy! You can see an allergist for a positive test.

3) Acne scars on cheeks in youngsters
People of ALL ages are susceptible to acne on the cheeks which is red in color. In fact, 25% of people between the ages of 25-44 have adult acne, so don’t feel so bad! Additionally, some women can see an increase in acne during their monthly hormonal changes or due to birth control pills.

4) Acne will go away quicker by picking and squeezing.
Squeezing and picking the skin will not only not get rid of the pimple quicker but will more likely cause damage under the skin. The damage can lead to scarring, so it is best to continue acne treatment and not pick your skin, as tempting as this may be!

5) Fix acne scars from sunlight
People have this myth that acne scars can be fixed by sunlight While sunlight may help in drying out existing pimples, it won’t help prevent new ones! Extra caution if you are taking certain acne medications like tetracycline. These cause skin sensitivities which can lead to sunburns. Always wear sunscreen when in the sun.

6) Scrubbing your skin will help clear up acne.
It is a myth that scrubbing the face to harshly will help get rid of acne. This creates too much irritation to the area. It’s best to use a milder cleanser and clean washcloth used twice daily.

7) Acne is caused by stress.
Stress itself doesn’t directly cause acne, however for some people who are very stressed, their hormonal levels may aggravate acne. Additionally, some medications taken for stress can be causing your acne. Check with your doctor.

8 ) Oily skin causes acne.
Oily skin can go hand in hand with acne, but it is a symptom of acne, not the cause of it. The fact is, people with extremely dry skin also get acne and it takes just a tiny amount of oil or dead skin cells to become clogged in the pores to create a pimple.

9) Rubbing alcohol will get rid of acne.
While alcohol can help dry out acne, it can end up making it worse for 2 reasons. First, it’s very drying and can irritant the skin. Secondly, because it dries out the skin, your skin tries to overproduce oil to compensate, thereby creating an oiler complexion.

10) Acne only goes away by letting it run it’s course.
You don’t need to feel that there is nothing you can do to clear up your acne. Adult acne is treatable! There are many great products you can use to combat adult acne. If needed, you can always see your dermotologist.

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