Kidney Stones Symptoms

Your kidneys are one of the most vital organs in the body. While you can live with just one of them, a day without your kidneys functioning at its optimum can lead to chaos within all your body’s vital processes. It regulates your blood pressure and gets rid of toxins from your body, two things that are critical to ensure that your body functions properly. For this reason, any kidney related symptoms should be immediately checked up with your doctor. This could be any pain in the lower back area (which is where the kidneys are located) as well as any symptoms related to urinary function.

One of the most common kidney related conditions are kidney stones. Kidney stones, as the name suggests is the formation of hard stone like, material that forms in the kidney. It could also be present in the urinary tract. According to statistics, about 5% of people develop a kidney stone during their lifetime. This is an alarming figure indeed. However, many people may develop kidney stones but may not even be aware of it as small kidney stones will simply pass via the urinary tract.

Kidney stones that are of considerable size and requires medical attention is detected quite easily as it announces itself to the patient with usually excruciating pain. This is just one of the kidney stone symptoms but there are numerous other symptoms to look for. The cause of kidney stones can sometimes be baffling as doctors have a hard time isolating the reason at times. Genetics are known to play a role in the formation of kidney stones. Your diet can also heavily influence the possibility of developing a kidney stone. There are different types of kidney stones. The type usually depends on the cause. The most common type is calcium stones but there are also other types that can form.

Kidney Stone Symptoms

We talked about pain being a primary symptom of kidney stones but there various other symptoms and warning signs that could indicate the presence of a kidney stone:

  • Pain

As mentioned above, this is the main symptom to look for. The pain is usually located in the area of the kidney. Your lower back, abdomen and the area surrounding as well as the genitals itself can feel very painful. The pain is usually not relieved when you change position.

  • Pain during urination

When pain is experienced during urination, this is an indicator that the stone has traveled or was formed in the urinary system. You will continue to experience pain until the stone is passed via your urinary tract.

  • Frequent urination

Frequent urination is also experienced because the stone may falsely trick your brain into thinking you need to pass urine.

  • Bloody urine

Bloody urine is also a typical symptom of a kidney stone that has caused damage.

  • Nausea and vomiting

Nausea and vomiting is a generic symptom that you may experience when having a kidney stone.

Kidney stones that are too large to be passed by urine may have to be surgically removed. They may be physically removed or shock waves may be projected at the stone to break it so that It can be passed via the urinary tract or removed easily.

How to pass a kidney stone in 24 Hours?


You probably have an idea of the intensity of pain you have to go through until the stone is thankfully out of your system. While the reasons why kidney stones from are still unclear, knowing the implications of having a kidney stone, we would be looking to prevent it occurring any way we can. Understanding the influence that diet has on your predisposition to develop kidney stones can be quite confusing and complex. Basically, If a person is at risk of developing kidney stones, diet plays a significant role, on other hand if a person does not fall under the risk group of producing kidney stones, diet has little to no effect.

There are numerous risk factors of kidney stones the primary one being a genetic link. Kidney stones tend to be hereditary. For a person whose parents have suffered with kidney stones, the chances of developing a stone can be quite high.

For this person, diet can certainly increase the risk of developing a stone. Other factors include your environment as well as being affected by other non-related diseases. Additionally, people who have had kidney stones in the past are also considered at risk as they may very well develop another kidney stone in future.

For these individuals, following a strict “kidney stone diet” can reduce the possibility of passing a solid object when urinating any time in the near future. To understand the kidney stone diet, you need to have a basic idea of the formation of kidney stones.


Kidney stones occur when certain materials crystallize or harden due to some reason within the urinary tract or kidney. Limiting the intake of food that is high in these materials is the principle theory behind the kidney stone diet.

Ironically, these foods are otherwise good for your body. Kidney stones are commonly made out of calcium oxalate (other stones may be made out of uric acid, Struvite or Cystine). Limiting foods that are high in calcium oxalate is an effective method to reduce the possibility of crystallization in your urinary system.

Foods that are high in Calcium Oxalate include spinach, beetroot, strawberries, chocolates and nuts. Another component that should be avoided that is commonly added to virtually all hot foods is salt. Salt increases the possibility of formation of calcium based crystals. Another mineral that should be avoided is Sodium. Sodium in combination with Oxalate contributes to the formation of stones. Sodium is found typically in fast food as well as other processed foods such as sausages.

Protein intake should also be limited. The limitation is only for animal based protein. Plant protein can still be consumed without restriction. Potassium aids the prevention of kidney stones and thus should be increased in consumption. All fruits and vegetables are relatively high in potassium but pay attention to the ones that are high in calcium oxalate.

Finally, keep water intake as high as possible. Being hydrated makes the urinary tract concentrated reducing the possibility of materials solidifying which eventually leads to stones.

Overcoming Kidney Stone Pain

There are several kidney related diseases that have plagued us for a long time. While renal failure and kidney cancer are perhaps the two most dangerous diseases to be diagnosed with, there are numerous others that can cause considerable strain physically and mentally. One disease would be kidney stones. Technically, kidney stones are more of a condition than a disease. A person with kidney stones develops crystallized calcium oxalate stones anywhere in their kidneys or the urinary tract. The stones can also be made with different materials such as uric acid. Kidney stone pain is the most problematic consequence of kidney stones. Besides pain, the condition is otherwise harmless for the most part. The pain can be excruciating and it is present irrespective of the position you are in. You may also experience pain and discomfort when urinating. The pain is sometimes described by males as the male version of child birth to give you a grasp on the intensity of pain experienced. Dealing with kidney stone pain can be quite difficult. If you begin to experience intense pain from kidney stones, the best way to relieve yourself is to pass the stone as soon as possible. While the time should take its own course, there are a few tips that can be implemented to expedite the process. Firstly, water is your friend. Drinking as much water as you can handle throughout the day will allow you to pass the stone faster. While it will keep you rushing to the washroom every half an hour, it will apply pressure on the stone and push it towards the urethra after which your pain will be relieved. When drinking water, remember to drink filtered water as unfiltered water can have waste particles that will cause negative effects and may even cause your kidney stone to grow in size.

Another efficient remedy is citrus juice. Any type would do, but lemon juice would be preferred. Citrus foods promote the breaking of the stone. It acts as a natural alternative to shock wave therapy and helps break down the stone which will allow the stone to pass faster and easier along the urinary tract. Doctors may sometime prescribe painkillers. While it is advisable to avoid them whenever possible, if the pain is unbearable and you’re desperate for relief, It would be a good idea to take your painkiller. Over the counter pain killers are usually ineffective with relieving kidney stone pain due to the high intensity of pain. A doctor would usually prescribe a stronger pain killer specifically for the management of kidney stones. If pain lasts for a considerable period of time, look for alternative treatment options. An efficient, non-invasive option would be shock wave therapy. Here, shock waves are externally administered close to the sight of the kidney stone which will shatter the stone to smaller pieces allowing it to pass more easily. Have close communication with your doctor and follow the above steps to minimize your pain as much as possible.

Belly Fat can be reduced by Eating Right

Belly fat is a sad fact of life. It really does hurt us to have a fat on the mid-section and not having that beach body that people admire. Fear not, without magic pills or ridiculous ab machine that’s been advertised on television, your how to burn belly fat question will be answered. The answer is, by exercising and eating the healthy belly blast diet.

However, it is not necessary to be torturous. Here are a few ways you can reduce your pot belly without working too hard or saying farewell to your favorite foods.

How to Burn Belly Fat by Eating Right

Some foods could make you add on weight but others promote fat loss. Carbs could lead to fat gain if you consume the wrong kinds. Bad carbs include foods that contain refined sugar and refined white flour.

Low fat dairy are excellent fat fighters. Studies show that consuming 3 servings of dairy per day could help you lose more fat than those who didn’t consume dairy products at all.

In order to speed up metabolism, eat unsaturated fats in your diet like nuts, olives, olive oil and salmon. It will make you feel full for longer periods of time. It also prevents you from overeating because of starvation.

To keep up your energy and have a positive outlook, carbohydrates are vital. But low-carb diets can cause stress in some dieters. However don’t remove carbs completely and switch to healthier ones like whole fruits, vegetable and whole grain.

Last but not least, switch your morning coffee to green tea. You will be surprise how it can revs up your metabolism, making body getting rid of belly fat faster!

How to Burn Belly Fat by Exercising

Cardio exercises do help burn belly fat faster. Do at least 3-4 times of cardio exercises per week to keep you feeling energetic. Choose any cardio activity you like. Consistency is the key. Do it week in and week out.

For losing belly fat, strength training is important in order to shape up your belly and work your abdominal muscles. It will build more muscle and burn more fat by pumping iron 3-5 times per week. Focus exercises like plank, stability ball rollouts and more stability exercises for the abs. It will work wonders for you to ripped six pack abs. If you are not familiar with these exercises, search the internet for more detailed workout maneuvers.

If you are not in favor of using dumbbells, barbells or any gym equipment, you can choose yoga or isometrics..


How to Burn Belly Fat by Hydrating

If you feel bloated, your stomach will be one of the first few places to show it. Sodium and sugary carbs are the 2 biggest bloat-producers. You need to cut them off if you want to lose belly fat.

Carbs cause bloating and by drinking liquid, it makes muscles and fat deposits swell in size. Sodium causes inflammation in the body and that leads to retain fluid – an effort to dilute sodium. It leads to bloating as a result your belly to be fatter.

Therefore, you need to drink lots of water to fight bloating and to reduce your mid-section. Drink around 8 glasses daily. Avoid sugary foods, sodium and white floor products until your bloating is under control.

Top 5 Cardio Exercises to help you lose belly fat in the summer

#1 Interval training
Interval training is possibly one of the best ways to help you lose belly fat. You will find many guides which recommend you do long distance jogging but this should not be the case. It is better to do high intensity exercises like interval training because it really strains your belly. So what is interval training? It is a type of training which involves you doing short bursts of runs which are then followed up by a period of rest.

#2 Swimming
Swimming is a great way to lose belly fat. If you have good technique then you will be straining your stomach region frequently. Swimming is also a fun alternative to running and you could mix up your training schedule by adding a few swimming sessions during the week. If it gets too cold to run outside then what better way is there than to swim indoors?

#3 Step aerobics
Step aerobics is probably the most fun out of the five exercises we suggested. It burns a lot of calories and it involves a whole range of body movements. You would probably find many step aerobic classes in your nearby fitness center.

#4 Rowing
Rowing really burns your ab muscles and they are a great way to lose belly fat because they also make you lose a lot of calories. If you can afford to then try and join an outdoors rowing club. If not then you could use the rowing machines in your nearby gym.

#5 Dance
A bit similar to Step aerobics but dance obviously requires a bit of coordination as well as creativity. Dance can be a great cardio work out and you can lose a great deal of belly fat if you dance on a regular basis. If you are young then keep up with the latest trends by trying a bit of hip hop. If you are slightly older then perhaps you can try ballroom dancing.

These are the five cardio exercises we recommend you try in order to lose belly fat quickly. If you know of any other exercises then feel free to comment below! You can also find great exercises in the ‘Cheat your way thin’ manual. You can find out more about this manual by clicking the banner above this article.

How to lose belly fat for women

There are many reasons why anyone would want to lose weight. The top reasons why someone wants to lose their belly fat, whether they are a man or woman, are that they want to be healthy, they want to look nice, or they need to lose weight to be able to better compete in a sport. Losing belly fat healthily is far easier said than done, and there are certain tips to follow when going about it. Of course, many of these tips will be similar for people of all genders, but females also face unique challenges regarding losing belly fat.

When asking how you could lose some excessive belly fat, the most basic correct answer that one could give is eat healthier and exercise. Both of these components must be undertaken in tandem in order for to learn the real ways of weight loss. You can’t just eat healthier and expect to lose weight, and vice versa. Eating healthy means you cut out all of the junk food, fast food, etc. that may be part of your diet and that you make sure to eat more fruits, vegetables, and get all the servings which are recommended by the food pyramid.

With regards to exercise, it can be a common misconception that you have to start doing rigorous activities in order to lose any weight. That is just not the case. Taking 30 minute walks daily is sufficient exercise. Consider doing things which will give you more exercise in your daily life as well, such as parking farther away.

So far belly fat loss tips for people of any genders have been dealt with. When females ask how to lose belly fat, though, they in their minds probably face even a more daunting task. With all the magazines and TV shows showing super slender models, many women are unfortunately desperate to lose belly fat in anyways possible. Remember though that many of these models may be insecure or have anorexia, or have complications from unsafe ways which they were told were great ideas. Also there are many fad diets and diet pills out there which must be ignored- they are often unhealthy and could cause potential problems. Plus, with fad diets as soon as you lose the weight you can put it back on again.

Always remember that you not only want to lose belly fat but also do it healthily at the same time, and that in time you will not only look better but feel great about yourself as well, which is something that not all of those skinny models can say. After you have learned the best ways for you, and make sure you undertake the process healthily and don’t give up, you will have lost weight in no time.

How To Remove Belly Fat in most effective way


Now is the time to start working out and getting back in shape for the summer. Maybe the hardest area to shape up, especially for women, is that lower belly. Here are some dietary tips to help you get rid of your lower belly fat as well as a few exercise tips that target your lower belly fat just in time for summer.

When it comes to your diet, one thing that you can do to help you get rid of your lower belly fat is to add green tea extract to your diet. There is some debate as to how effective green tea extract can be for weight loss, but there is enough evidence to show that drinking green tea extract can reduce your lower belly fat. Besides getting rid of your lower belly fat, green tea extract can help to reduce bad cholesterol and reduce your blood pressure as well. You can either take green tea extract as a dietary supplement in pill form or you can add it to a healthy smoothie in the powder form.

Another culprit in the battle of the lower belly fat is water weight. Sometimes, that bulgy lower belly is full of retained water. You could take an over-the-counter diuretic or water pill that can help your body to release some of that excess water, but there are natural ways to help your body along. Drinking four liters of water every day will help your body to flush your system regularly. Some fruit juices act as natural diuretics. Adding cranberry, pineapple or lemon juice to your diet will also help.

Lastly, here are two exercises that specifically target your lower belly fat, that combined with thirty minutes of daily activity and ninety minutes of cardio a week, will help you get rid of your lower belly fat. Sitting upright in a chair with both of your knees at a ninety degree angle, lift your right leg an inch off of the ground and alternate. Making sure to keep your core still, use your lower abs and not your leg muscles, to lift your thigh. Also, standing leg lifts target your lower abs. Stand with your feet shoulder with apart, hands on your hips, using your lower abs, lift your right knee waste high and alternate for two sets of twenty.


Best Fat Burning Foods

1. Vegetables:
One of the best items that burn your fat naturally is vegetables. Yes, vegetables are full of water and it contains little calories which help to feel you light! One of the benefits of vegetables is, you can eat plates full of them without taking in many calories. During travelling and journey, eat vegetables at least one cup. Never think your meal without a little vegetables or a slice of salad. If you think your meal without vegetables, it would a high chance to get hungry soon and chances to eat more another foods that means you are taking more calories! As a result, you would fail to lose your weight. Strive to take in at least the minimum recommended amount of vegetables each day that can help to shrink belly fat and promote weight loss in so many great ways!

2. Water:
Water is the best natural ally that fights against the body fat. If you drink 2 cup of water before your meal every day, you can burn about 17 kilo calories which is near about equal to 5 lb fat! Foods that contain fiber are essential to burn fat, but it is recommended to drink plenty of water to digest that fiber foods. Also, burning the calories creates toxins and water plays a vital role to remove the toxins and other unwanted elements from body.

3. Sweet Potatoes:
When you’ll go to buy potatoes, choose some sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are full of fiber, Vitamin C, beta carotene and it is very much helpful to save the load of your calories.

4. Green Tea:
Green tea contains catechins, caffeine and theanine that are the major components for fat loss. The compounds of green tea promote fat loss by inhibiting both gastric and pancreatic lipase, some enzymes that digest triglycerides, and fatty acid synthesize, the enzyme responsible for synthesizing fatty acids into the form in which they can be stored in the body’s adipose (fat) cells.
Green tea help you to burn abdominal fat by stimulating body and it stimulate your brain and mind to burn more calories! If you try to drink green tea three times a day, you may get the result of burning fat that is remarkable. Green tea also decreased blood levels of triglycerides.
A human study, published in the January 2005 issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, confirms green tea’s ability to not only reduce body fat, but damage to LDL cholesterol as well.

5. Ginger:
Ginger help to reduce inflammation boost blood flow to muscles and aid muscle recovery. People used ginger for centuries to relieve digestive disturbances.

6. Watermelon
Watermelon is contains a lot of water that helps to digest and decrease the fat. It clears the gut and it is a fruit of rich Vitamin A & C. Total Fat per 100 gm watermelon is 0.2 g where Saturated fat 0 g, Polyunsaturated fat 0 g , Monounsaturated fat 0 g and energy 127 kJ (30 kcal) which tells that it’s a fruit of more calories with near about 0 fat!

7. Oatmeal:
Oatmeal contains fiber-rich whole-grain oats, a lot of waters and it’s also hot which is a very filling combination. It is a very slow digesting carb that keeps blood sugar and insulin levels low and hence it can burn fat with a high rate.

8. Pears and Apples:
Pears and apples are also contains water contents in high. Eating them with the peels for extra fiber, keeps you full longer. Try to eat the whole fruits rather than the fruit juice. Not only do you get more fiber, you have to chew the fruits.

9. Soup:
Soup is full of water, which fills you up with the fewest possible calories. It’s hot, which prevents you from guzzling it down too quickly.

10. Fish:
Fish is low in fat and it is the best source of protein. Fish protein is more helpful than chicken or beef, because of the type of protein it contains. The exceptions of fish protein usually have a healthy form of fat, omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3′s, which are found in salmon, herring, and other fatty fish, appear to help protect against heart disease and other chronic conditions.

Excess fat Loss and Its Adverse Effects

Losing excess weight has got its adverse effects mainly when it is completed rapidly. Numerous individuals do not know that whenever they shed an excessive amount of body weight very quickly, they might gain even additional back once they stop, making their latter state to be even worse compared to the former. Rapid unwanted weight reduction could in addition cause excess skin tags that might latter necessitate plastic surgery.

Muscle mass loss may take place in the process of shedding excess fat. The aim of dieting is to minimize excess weight through body fat loss although in case that not cautious, muscles will be got rid of in the act. This can be prevented by regularly lifting weights or perhaps doing push ups and by maintaining sufficient protein consumption. The ones that are on a decreased carb diet program as well as are doing lots of strenuous work have to increase their protein consumption.

During prolonged fasting or even pretty low calorie diet program, there is lowering of blood sugar, the favored energy source of the brain, resulting in the body to deplete its glycogen stores. Once the glycogen stores are used up, the body begins using ketones as power source for the brain. This could at some point lead to dizziness and eventually fainting.

Different secondary effects of swift extra fat loss contain burning of sex drive, depressive disorders, frustration, prolonged hunger, tiredness, fainting spells, , gall bladder disease, lack of nutrition, bowel problems (from reduced intake of food), dehydration (from decreased water intake). Also we’ve, lowered metabolism making future attempt at bodyweight reduction harder. There is also the potential risk of developing eating disorder specially anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa.

Cleaning of Intestinal Tract effectively

How to Clean Intestinal Tract Intestinal tract cleanses have grown to be so famous recently that there are loads of alternatives available on the market. Determining how to pick the most effective digestive tract cleansing supplements can be hard. To make it easier , you have to discover which method is right for you as well as then pick a product to use. Here are the top colorectal purifying products for the type of method.

1) Enema. The top enema supplement is one that’s less than $50, is simple to use, as well as is manufactured in america or Europe. I highly recommend a pump system enema which is designed to work while you are submerged in water. The best thing regarding these is they’re clean, as well as can be utilized while you lay in warm water in your bathtub. They work very well and quality ones can be purchased inexpensively.

2) Diet. If you’re following a intestinal tract cleanse diet program, the very best ones are the types which remember you’re human. Much more people have most likely failed than finished intestines cleansing diet plans as they are so difficult to adhere to. The most effective diet plans will allow you some of the foods you are accustomed to eating, give you options to be able to pick certain foods you are much more comfortable with, and also not last longer compared to 10 days. They should as well involve products to be utilized.

3) Powder. Powdered digestive tract cleansers should really be psyllium based because they are the most all natural and also should additionally be high in vitamins C and also D. The perfect powders will in addition offer you some other dietary value as well.

Picking the most beneficial intestines cleansing products should not be challenging if you understand exactly what to watch out for, and are practical in your capabilities to stick to the plans.