Stomach Ulcers, Their Symptoms and Natural Ulcer Treatments

Stomach Ulcer disease
Do you suffer from heartburn ? Do you know what it is heartburn ? What are the symptoms of heartburn ?

What causes heartburn ? How prevention of stomach ulcer disease ? And is there any cure for ulcer disease ? What are the Natural Ulcer Treatments?  

Ok , here we will discuss one -on-one ..

Stomach Ulcer disease

Ulcer disease or also commonly known name of gastritis is a health condition where there is swelling , inflammation or irritation of the stomach lining . This disease usually strikes suddenly and lasts a short , but there are times also part of serious health ailments and lasted long enough . Many people think of heartburn as a mild disease and do not need to worry about.

Stomach pain or heartburn symptoms which repeatedly but not a deterrent though it was treated , also can be unculnya early gastric cancer . Besides, dirt or feces of patients will be dark . This is a stool mixed with blood and digestion . If you already have these signs , the patient immediately consult with experts .

Besides, it appears more head pain , nausea and vomiting always wanted . When the patient brings back the material that has been previously eaten occasionally mixed with blood or mucus coffee -colored water .

Symptoms of ulcer disease

The following ulcer symptoms are present in patients with stomach ulcer disease , including :

1 . Abdominal pain and stomach feels like burning

2 . Stomach feels bloated and always kept burping

3 . Feels nauseous and want to vomit

4 . Lack of appetite

5 . Always hiccup

6 . Diarrhea
The above symptoms of stomach ulcer  if you are having then you must not ignore it and must do the necessary remedies listed below.

What causes ulcers in stomach?

Here are the causes of ulcer disease , among others :

1 . Coffee , Tea or drinks that contain caffeine . 

Because caffeine can relax the lower esophageal spinchter ( LES ) , the valve between the stomach and throat , triggering the gas in the stomach rise up the esophagus .

2 . Chocolate 

Because chocolate contains theobromine concentration or a compound naturally present in crops such as cocoa , tea and coffee , which can relax the LES muscle , causing stomach acid up into the throat .

3 . Oily and fatty food 

Because oily and fatty foods tend to be longer to digest , making food stay longer in the stomach . This can result in increased pressure on the stomach , which in turn will increase the pressure of the LES attenuation . If the LES weakens , stomach acid will rise into the esophagus .

4 . Tomatoes and Tomato -Based Products

 Inside tomatoes contain a lot of acid which can increase the chances of weakening the LES valve that makes the stomach acid rises.

5 . Alcohol 

Alcohol relaxes sphincter function , thus causing reflux , or reversal of stomach acid into the esophagus and alcohol also increases the production of stomach acid .

6 . Cigarettes Cigarette smoke contains chemicals that can weaken the valve as it passes through the lungs into the blood .

7 . Eating In The Many Servings 

Yag belly full daat putting extra strain on the LES valve , which can increase the chances of a reversal of the incidence of food into the esophagus .

8 . Fruit Acids And Juice 

Fruits that have a high acid taste will lead to heartburn .

9 . Eating between 2-3 hours before Sleeping 

Sleeping with a full stomach can cause stomach contents to press the valve tutoring , increasing the chances of reflux of food into the esophagus .

10 . Clothes Too Tight 

Clothes that are too tight around the stomach to suppress stomach , so food will be driven up push into the LES valve . Clothing that can cause this kind of problem include corset and tighten the belt too tight .

Natural ulcer treatments

Prevention can be done for ulcers or gastritis is recommended lifestyle to manage and prevent the onset of disorders of the stomach , among others : 

1 . Arrange diet 
2 . Exercise regularly 
3 . Avoid high fat foods that inhibit gastric emptying ( chocolate , cheese , etc. ) . 
4 . Avoid eating foods that cause gas in the stomach ( cabbage , cabbage , potatoes , melons , watermelons , etc. ) 
5 . Avoid eating foods that are too spicy . 
6 . Avoid drinks with high levels of caffeine , alcohol , and cigarettes reduce . 
7 . Avoid medications that irritate the stomach wall 
8. Manage stress psychic as efficiently as possible
So these are the natural ulcer treatment which can be done to avoid this disturbing problem which has become headache for so many people over the years

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