Build Body Muscle and Loose Fats.. Is this Possible?

If you ask the experts about whether you can learn how to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time you will be happy to know that this is indeed possible.

All you need to do is expend as many calories as possible and certainly more than what you have taken in. However, succeeding at this will require that you have to put in a lot of hard work and basically it means that it is necessary to burn more calories than have been consumed.

The trouble of course is that losing fat can also mean that you are simultaneously losing muscle as well. The key to learning how to lose fat and gain muscle lies in maintaining or even increasing lean body mass at the same time as you are reducing fat which will then result in a net gain in muscles with a simultaneous loss in fat.

To achieve your objective it is necessary that you begin by switching over to a diet that is healthy and supportive of fat loss. This means that you should eat lean meat cuts and take in as many as forty grams of protein in each meal. It also means reducing or eliminating to a great extent intake of dietary fats and you must especially forswear eating saturated fats.

These steps will help you improve your metabolism and this in turn helps in building more muscle while also reducing fat from the body. You should also cut down on intake of starch and this in turn means giving up (more or less) intake of white bread, pasta and instead increase intake of vegetables.

It also helps if you eat on a more frequent basis because this helps to speed up your metabolic rate. Eating five to six small meals in a day is certainly the way to go; eating three large meals is not recommended if you want to learn how to lose fat and gain muscle.

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