Fat burning Diet to follow in our routine

Not only do you need to exercise to get rid of that fat, but eating the right fat burning foods can help you to slim down even more. So what ever these magical foods that can help with weight loss? Read on and find out.

One fat burning food that most people probably already have as part of their diet is coffee. Its really the caffeine in the coffee that helps you burn fat by speeding up your heart rate and, thus, your metabolism. Of course, you need to skip the sugar and cream or you will negate the effects of the caffeine!

Milk is another food that helps to burn fat. Of course, you will want to use low fat milk but drinking a bit more of it can help you lose more weight according to a University of Tennessee study because it contains calcium which is a metabolic trigger.

One of my favorite fat burning foods are hot peppers. Eating hot, spicy foods speeds up your metabolism causing you to burn more calories. Hot peppers are great to include in meals but they can also be good to eat for snacks too.

Oatmeal and whole grains are another great option to increase your fat burning efforts. The complex carbs and fiber help to keep your insulin levels low which stave off hunger and cravings. And since high insulin is a signal to your body to store fat, the lower your insulin levels, the better!

Green tea is often touted as a great dietary aid and is also one of the better fat burning foods. Its not only because of the caffeine but green tea has a chemical in it called EGCG that puts your brain and nervous system into overdrive causing them to run faster and you to burn more fat.

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