Fat Burning Exercises to follow if you are serious in loosing weight

Do you want to know one of the best fat burning workout programs you can do? Something that will assist you in getting rid of the fat that you want off your body? Keep reading and you will get the program that will blast your fat away.

You need to have an intensive program one that will really work your body and get your heart rate up nice and high. Without a good cardio program you will not see that fat coming off your body as quickly as you will with a good cardio routine.

Try and focus on something that will last a longer amount of time. Around forty or forty five minutes. It needs to be this long because your body does not actually start burning stored fat until 20 to 30 minutes of sustained activity. If you are just starting a program and find that the amount of time is too much do about twenty minutes and work your way up.

Do this type of fat burning workout for the first two weeks of this program and try and get your heart rate about 70 to 75 percent level of where it should be. Also do this program at least three times per week and up to five times.

The weeks following you will want to do some serious interval training. This should be done no less than three times during those two weeks. This should be a high intensity cardio workout, mixed in with something else. It will help your metabolism be stimulated and work better.

If you are serious about losing weight, you will need to embark upon a health eating program in addition to your fat burning workout. Eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables will help you burn that fat off even more. Eating the right way and getting the fat off your body will lead you to a happier and much healthier life.

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