Best way to increase metabolism in the body

A big part of losing weight is increasing your metabolism, but before learning how to increase your metabolism it pays to look at the factors that affect it. In fact, these factors include your age and gender as well as ratio of muscle to fat and it also depends on how an active a life you lead.

However, no mater what these factors are, nearly everyone can increase their metabolism by adding in a regimen of regular exercises for at least half an hour each day and for five days in the week.

In addition, you need to also concentrate on doing aerobics and more particularly you need to do some walking and biking as well as use a stair-climber machine and perform any or all of these exercises for half an hour or more each day.

Another part of learning how to increase your metabolism is know that you need to also do some weight lifting or do other workouts that help in building muscles or which help you maintain a fitter body. By adding as much muscle mass to your body you can improve your metabolism rate which in turn will help you maintain a fit and trim body.

In addition to these tips it is also a good idea for you to be as active as possible and this means getting up from your desk several times a day and doing something to get your heart rate up. It doesnt have to be a big exercise routine but doing some sit up s or push ups or even walking up a few flight of stairs will give your metabolism a bit of a boost that will last for quite a while.

If you are thinking about using growth hormones to increase your metabolic rate be careful to use them under the strict supervision of a doctor and also be prepared to spend a lot of money because these are really quite expensive.

The more you exercise the more calories you will be able to burn and an intense half an hour workout followed by some light exercises will help you burn up to fifty percent more of calories that were burnt during the exercises. At the same time you should try and avoid using products that claim that they can increase your metabolic rate and also do not fall for crash-diet programs which are not very effective.

If you want to learn how to increase metabolism by eating foods that rev up your metabolism, then you will want to look into eating more spicy foods like hot peppers, drinking green tea and adding whole grains and low fat dairy to your diet.

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