Desk Exercise which you can do on duty

While you are at the desk most of the time, you tend to gain more weight due to physical inactivity. If you follow some simple desk exercises, it will greatly help to maintain the weight or prevent you from gaining more weight to some extent. In addition, such exercise will refresh you and make you feel like working better. These desk exercises can be done by almost every one. Here are the exercise tips:


Side stretches: These are simple and perfect exercises that anyone can easily do on the desk. It helps to keep your spine aligned. Raise your arm over the head and lean gently to right side first, then lean towards the left as much as you can. But be very careful on movable chair while doing so. If you find difficult raising your hands over the head due to clothing then you can put your hands on the waist and move on each side as much as you can.
Butt squeezes: These are also the one of the easy exercise you can perform at your desk. Best part is, no one will know you are exercising. You just need to squeeze and release your buttock muscles. Repeat the process as many times as you can.
Modified leg lifts: In this exercise you just need to stretch your legs straight and lift it up in front of you sitting on the chair.
Arms Raises: For arm raise, you just raise your arms up, then towards the sides and backwards. It has many hidden benefits behind each raise. It helps to prevent the poor blood circulation, carpel tunnel syndrome and weight gain. It also helps to rev up the metabolism by increasing the heart rate.
Desk Push up: Stand a comfortable distance pushing your chair back. Then place your hands on the edge of the desk. Now, start push ups with arms shoulder width stretched and body making approximately 45 degree angle with the desk. You can also put your arms closed for a change and variety. Keep doing such workout for about 4 – 5 times a day. This exercise will rejuvenate you from inside and at the same time burn a little extra calorie. But make sure the desk you put your hands are heavy and fixed.
– Whole body stretching can also be fruitful since it increases the blood flow.
– Try to select the best desk exercise that fits you and make it enjoyable. Make a regular routine for such workouts. After all regularity matters.

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