Top 5 Cardio Exercises to help you lose belly fat in the summer

#1 Interval training
Interval training is possibly one of the best ways to help you lose belly fat. You will find many guides which recommend you do long distance jogging but this should not be the case. It is better to do high intensity exercises like interval training because it really strains your belly. So what is interval training? It is a type of training which involves you doing short bursts of runs which are then followed up by a period of rest.

#2 Swimming
Swimming is a great way to lose belly fat. If you have good technique then you will be straining your stomach region frequently. Swimming is also a fun alternative to running and you could mix up your training schedule by adding a few swimming sessions during the week. If it gets too cold to run outside then what better way is there than to swim indoors?

#3 Step aerobics
Step aerobics is probably the most fun out of the five exercises we suggested. It burns a lot of calories and it involves a whole range of body movements. You would probably find many step aerobic classes in your nearby fitness center.

#4 Rowing
Rowing really burns your ab muscles and they are a great way to lose belly fat because they also make you lose a lot of calories. If you can afford to then try and join an outdoors rowing club. If not then you could use the rowing machines in your nearby gym.

#5 Dance
A bit similar to Step aerobics but dance obviously requires a bit of coordination as well as creativity. Dance can be a great cardio work out and you can lose a great deal of belly fat if you dance on a regular basis. If you are young then keep up with the latest trends by trying a bit of hip hop. If you are slightly older then perhaps you can try ballroom dancing.

These are the five cardio exercises we recommend you try in order to lose belly fat quickly. If you know of any other exercises then feel free to comment below! You can also find great exercises in the ‘Cheat your way thin’ manual. You can find out more about this manual by clicking the banner above this article.

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