How To Remove Belly Fat in most effective way


Now is the time to start working out and getting back in shape for the summer. Maybe the hardest area to shape up, especially for women, is that lower belly. Here are some dietary tips to help you get rid of your lower belly fat as well as a few exercise tips that target your lower belly fat just in time for summer.

When it comes to your diet, one thing that you can do to help you get rid of your lower belly fat is to add green tea extract to your diet. There is some debate as to how effective green tea extract can be for weight loss, but there is enough evidence to show that drinking green tea extract can reduce your lower belly fat. Besides getting rid of your lower belly fat, green tea extract can help to reduce bad cholesterol and reduce your blood pressure as well. You can either take green tea extract as a dietary supplement in pill form or you can add it to a healthy smoothie in the powder form.

Another culprit in the battle of the lower belly fat is water weight. Sometimes, that bulgy lower belly is full of retained water. You could take an over-the-counter diuretic or water pill that can help your body to release some of that excess water, but there are natural ways to help your body along. Drinking four liters of water every day will help your body to flush your system regularly. Some fruit juices act as natural diuretics. Adding cranberry, pineapple or lemon juice to your diet will also help.

Lastly, here are two exercises that specifically target your lower belly fat, that combined with thirty minutes of daily activity and ninety minutes of cardio a week, will help you get rid of your lower belly fat. Sitting upright in a chair with both of your knees at a ninety degree angle, lift your right leg an inch off of the ground and alternate. Making sure to keep your core still, use your lower abs and not your leg muscles, to lift your thigh. Also, standing leg lifts target your lower abs. Stand with your feet shoulder with apart, hands on your hips, using your lower abs, lift your right knee waste high and alternate for two sets of twenty.


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