Top 3 Exercises for thighs

Sleek thighs, fascinating! Dreams of many ladies. However it takes a lot of effort to get a thinner thigh. Patience and exercise is the key to success. A good exercise plan includes special tips and workouts for thighs only. Here are some of the most effective exercises for a fast slim and sexy thigh.


1. Power walking:

This workout to get a thinner thigh is a simple and easy to follow. You just need to walk at a faster pace than normal walking. You need to make your every step stronger rather than faster. In the beginning take short and fast strides but later take longer and powerful strides. 25-30 minutes of such walk every day for about 4 weeks will provide you a pretty good visible result. But make sure you don’t walk on inclined roads, this might enhance muscle growth in legs and this muscle will look thick.

2. Chair squat

Squats are the most effective exercises for thighs, calves and buttocks. You will find many types of squats but chair squat is a simple one. Stand in front of a chair, while standing, your back should be facing the chair. Now slowly sit on that chair, and then return to standing position without completely extending your legs.

3. Dumbbell lunges

You have to work on one leg at a time in this workout. First of all stand straight with feet closed. Then hold the dumbbells in both hands, let the arms be naturally on sides. Now take a large forward step with the left leg while at the same moment lower the right leg almost until the right knee touches the ground. Remember to keep your back straight while doing so. Then return to starting position and switch the leg. Keep repeating this for 20-30 times.

Some of these might be difficult at first but ultimately you will find it easy and helpful to get a thinner and slimmer thigh. For the best result make a mix of all three and see a thigh you have dreamed of.


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